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Pissy Cool Down

[4K video] — Gorgeous brunette babes Antonia and Silvia Soprano are trying to cool down while enjoying some cocktails and nothing seems to be working. She licks her pussy with a delicate but central expertise. Girls just wanna have fun, right? These chicks are getting a very special moment... Mutual masturbation is a great beginning to their lovemaking, but both girls want more than that. They take turns to zigzag over the table while getting their oral action then these pissing pornstars catch their next pee streams in glasses at the same spell. Silvia licks up some of her juices and strips naked to lay on the floor while Antonia gets her variation to give her some piss showers too! Antonia Sainz enjoys a fanciful cunnilingus. Alone together, they cast eyes at each other across the reside as they caress their bodies in blatant flirting. These pissing lesbians touch and get all worked up, teasing and licking each others pussies with Antonia giving pleasure to Silvia first. Antonia oils up her arms and tits to try and get her scratch nice and fenny when Silvia comes over to give a helping move. They loom up with a arrangement to heavy off as Silvia squats on the dining table and starts to give Antonia's big tits a golden sponge! Her girlfriend's nipples are already hard in anticipation of her touch. There's nothing better than 2 girls kissing each other. They nip up their pee and fizz it back over each other, tasting their juices then their pussy play continues with a pierce dildo which they commission. Then, Antonia pisses in a glass. They finish off their hot pissing scene by catching another surge combined in a adobe vase and get wet as they pour it over each other! Silvia Soprano feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets moldy on immediately. Silvia Soprano enjoys a fantastic cunnilingus. Cuddling together, the girls caress and kiss one another as they slowly loom down from their sexual high.

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Antonia Sainz and Silvia Soprano
Pissing and Lesbians
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